Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
The RENTER is the person that is named on the credit card that is used for the deposit and/or to pay for the rental of the Property. 
A Guest is a person invited to stay at the Property with the RENTER.  ALL Guests are to be named in the Rental Contract or Agreement.
An Invitee is a person that is invited to come to the Property by the Renter or a Guest, but is not an overnight Guest.
The Property term in the contract is the rental property being rented by the RENTER as described in the Contract or Agreement.
The AGENT is Vancouver Island Vacation Homes [VI Vacations].
The OWNER is the person or persons that has or have title to the Property.
 Liability of the RENTER
The RENTER assumes full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the rental for the period stated.  The RENTER is responsible for any damage that occurs to the Property by the RENTER or any Guest of the RENTER or any Invitee to the property by the RENTER or a Guest.  The RENTER is required to be staying at the Property at all times it is being rented out by the RENTER.

General Conditions:
Number of Persons Occupying the Property
The maximum number of persons using the rental premises shall not exceed the total number stated as the maximum number of the RENTER and his Guests.

Property is Not to be Assigned or Sublet
The RENTER or any Guest shall not assign, sublet or part with possession of the Premises or any part thereof.

Duty of RENTER and/or Guest to Notify AGENT
The RENTER and / or a Guest shall give the AGENT prompt notice of any accident or other defect in the taps, toilets, water and drain pipes, gas pipes or heating apparatus, telephone, electric light or other wires.

Liability of RENTER
The RENTER shall be liable for any damage done by reason of water being left running from the taps or toilets being plugged and overflowing in the premises or from gas permitted to escape therein.

Notify AGENT of any Damage
The RENTER and / or a Guest shall notify the AGENT upon any damage that has occurred at the Property during the RENTER and his Guest’s stay or any damage that has been discovered during their stay at the Property.  The RENTER should inspect the Property at arrival to determine if there is any obvious damage that has occurred prior to the arrival of the RENTER or his guests.  The RENTER will be held liable for any damage not reported and is discovered after the RENTER vacates the Property,

Damage Deposit
A damage/security deposit pre-authorization of $500.00 will be placed on the RENTER’s credit card on the date of arrival. The AGENT does not actually collect a damage deposit. If no damage is caused the pre-authorization will expire after check out inspection. The cost of any unreasonable damage caused by the RENTER will be deducted from the pre-authorization. The RENTER will be notified of the amount and reason for the charges. The RENTER will leave the Property in the same state as which it was found on arrival less dirty linens, towels and dishes. Please refer to ON CHECK OUT DAY for RENTERS’ RESPONSIBILITY. THE RENTER is responsible for any damage or future loss of business caused in excess of the damage deposit and will be invoiced separately. Please notify us immediately if you notice anything that causes you concern.

Failure to Vacate
If the RENTER or any Guest does not vacate the Property after the contract date, the RENTER shall, in addition to any liability hereunder, Indemnify the OWNER and AGENT for all losses suffered by reason of his or her failure to vacate.

Indemnification Limitations
The RENTER and the OWNER acknowledge and agree that THE AGENT is accommodating them in assisting with this Rental Agreement without any representations or warranties by the AGENT. Use of the Property is entirely at the RENTER’S risk. The RENTER and the OWNER shall indemnify and save harmless the AGENT against and from any and all expenses, costs, damages, suits, actions, liabilities arising from any and all loss of or damage to personal Property, injury, or death resulting from the use of the rental Property or from any claims stating that the Property is not suitable for the purposes intended that is not due to AGENT negligence.

Check In and Out Times
Check in time is after 4:00 PM on the date of arrival and Check-out is on or before 11:00 am on the date of departure.  This policy is strictly enforced in order to accommodate the cleaning staff to be able to prepare the unit for those checking in later that same day.  A $150.00 charge will apply for failure to vacate the premises on or before 11:00 am. Please return keys to the location in which they were retrieved or lock the door using the door code provided if it is a keyless entry system.  If the Property is not vacated on or before 11:00 a.m. and there is no renter checking in that same day, it will be at the Agent’s sole discretion to determine the additional fee required to add additional cleaning staff to clean the Property before the new arrival and/or the cost for the cleaning staff having to wait for the vacating of the Property.
Cancellation and Refunds to the RENTER
If the RENTER terminates this agreement by written or e-mail notice to the AGENT that is received at least 45 days before the Check-In Date then the AGENT will refund all amounts paid by the RENTER, less a cancellation fee of $50.00. If the RENTER terminates this agreement or reduces the vacation time with less than 45 days notice, the RENTER will not be entitled to any refund of amounts paid by the RENTER unless the AGENT is able to rent the Property for some or all of the reduced vacation time, in which case the AGENT will refund as much as the OWNER recovers from the third party, less a cancellation fee, as above, or the RENTER can choose to have his monies owed to be applied to available alternative dates. Seasonal differences may apply and subject to availability.
Vacation Insurance
If cancelled as discussed above, monies are only refunded if the Property is re-rented for the time period originally booked, minus a $50.00 administration fee. We strongly suggest travel insurance to avoid disappointment should you need to cancel your booking.

Property Becomes Unavailable
If for any reason beyond the control of RENTER, OWNER or AGENT, such as fire, flood or damage, the Property is not available for, or becomes unsuitable for continued occupancy by the RENTER and his Guests then the AGENT will use best reasonable efforts to obtain use of an alternative property for the RENTER and his Guests for the Vacation Time or balance thereof, but will not be liable to the RENTER or his Guests for failure to locate a suitable alternative property or any additional costs associated therewith. The OWNER will refund to the RENTER at a pro-rated basis the portion of the Accommodation Fees for the part of the Vacation Time in which the Property was not available for use by the RENTER and his Guests. No refund will be payable if loss of use of the Property is attributable to actions or inactions of the RENTER and / or his Guests or an Invitee.
In reference to the Parksville and district Noise Bylaw, quiet time is 10 p.m. to 8a.m. If we receive a noise complaint from adjoining property owners/guests, arising from undue and excessive noise during these times, we may at our option, charge a $150 noise fine. The Property you are staying at is located in a quiet, tourist oriented neighborhood and we have zero tolerance for undue noise disturbances caused by RENTERS and/or Guests outside of quiet time.
Pets are NOT permitted in the Property.  This is to ensure a clean environment for ALL Renters and their Guests that may have any allergies.  Any sign of pets being in the Property will result in the loss of RENTER’s damage deposit to pay for the extra cleaning required.  Additional costs may be needed and will be charged to the RENTER.
All units are strictly enforced as NON-SMOKING. The security deposit will be forfeited if someone smokes in the home while you are renting it. 

Access to Property during Vacation Time booked by RENTER:
The RENTER or his or her Guests will permit the OWNER or AGENT access to the Property during Vacation Time if such access is reasonably required for maintenance, safety, security or other bona fide purposes.
Laws Governing Contract
This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.

 1. All used dishes are placed in dishwasher and turned on.
2. All garbage/recycling is disposed of in proper bins.
3. Counters/sinks/fridge/stove & microwave are wiped over.
4. All used towels are placed in bathtub.
6. Please remove all sheets/ pillow cases off Hide a Bed if used.
7. All thermostats are turned down and lights turned off.
8. All doors and windows are locked and secured.
9. All food is removed from fridge and freezer.
10. All seafood must be cooked on BBQ.
11. Toys,books,and games are put back where you found them.

If additional housekeeping is required above and beyond the normal time allotted for this Property, you will be charged at an hourly rate of $35.00. 
Credit Card Authorization Form

The credit card number provided for on this form will be used to secure the RENTER’s reservation through Vancouver Island Vacation Homes – the AGENT. The AGENT will process a 50% deposit to guarantee the RENTER’s reservation and the balance will be processed 45 days prior to arrival. If you prefer to mail a Cheque for the balance, it must be received by us at least 45 days prior to arrival and must be in Canadian funds. If you would prefer this method of payment please advise the Agent at time of booking.
The credit card will also be pre-authorized at the time of check in for a $500.00 security deposit. If no damage is caused during the RENTER’s stay, the pre-authorization will expire after a check out inspection.